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Mind Your Mellon: Why I Choose Kask

After many years with my wonderful Charles Owen, I made the decision to part with the helmet that has been with me through some of my favorite moments in my riding career. From the end of my junior career, start of my competitive adult amateur career, to restarting a thoroughbred from the track this Charles Owen has seen many things. Probably too many things if I'm being honest.

I started the search for a new helmet by looking at some of the most popular brands (OneK, Samshield, GPA, and of course another Charles Owen) I spontaneously made the decision to try on a Kask on after seeing Sarah Warden in hers at the World Equestrian Games.

I knew that I needed a helmet with a smaller brim that would complement my heart shaped face, but I wanted a modern look that could seamlessly fit in with all 3 rings. Another thing that I wanted was vents and a washable insert. Luckily, Kask helmets had all of my requirements. I loved the Carbon Lite Matt model, but with a price tag of over $1000 I knew it was going to be unreasonable to even try it on with my budget in mind. So, I decided to try on the Dogma Light model, with the price tag of $540. I instantly fell in love with it, it was light on my head and was the ideal fit for my head shape. I am a very particular but decisive individual, and after retrying all of the helmet brands I knew Kask was the one for me. I luckily was also in need of a new helmet at the time, making the decision to purchase just that much easier. I purchased it that same day and haven't looked back, I'm beyond thrilled with my decision to buy a Kask!

I had to try it on the moment it shipped to my house!

Another thing that made the purchase a no brainer was how easy the upkeep is. The inner padding can be washed in the washing machine or by hand in cold water for a max of 30 minutes. Just be sure to allow it to air dry. This will ensure that the removable padding can stay fresh longer! Is your padding getting too gross or compacted? You can always buy a new one since they're exchangeable, making it unnecessary to buy a new helmet just because you have no way to clean and refresh all of its parts. For the outside of the helmet, you can use water, mild soap, and a clean cloth to get rid of any signs of wear. Just be sure to let it air dry as well!

Hopefully you can catch me in the AO ring in the near future rockin' my Kask, that is if my mare decides she wants to be normal anytime soon.

Happy Hacking!

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