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Gettin' Dirty: What's In Your Groom Box?

Updated: Oct 8, 2018

As my college days are coming to an end, the financial responsibility of my horse continues to increase. Long gone are the days of being a carefree junior rider who shows the circuit constantly; my new reality is that horses are expensive, like really expensive, and show horses are even more expensive. I'm still incredibly blessed that my parents help me out with board and unplanned medical expenses, so that I can continue to grow my savings account in preparation to support my horse entirely on my own in the upcoming months. As a full time student taking 16 hours and working a $9 an hour job, the money I do make instantly goes into the never ending list of horse necessities such as shoes and grooming equipment. So, when you have a horse who is as goofy and accident prone as mine, you become excellent at making your money work in your favor.

The paycheck eater herself!

My first method of making my money work in my favor comes from my choices of grooming equipment. With all of the "latest and greatest" grooming and bathing equipment how does one keep costs low while getting the most out of the products they choose to invest in?

My first tidbit is to find a durable and practical products. My personal favorite tool comes from the company HandsOn Gloves. This product has lasted me 2 years now without signs of wear. It is easily sanitized in the dishwasher, just be sure to not have the heat dry setting on.

The nodules, which provide a deep clean and massaging effect.

Their gloves serve a dual purpose, grooming and bathing. What I like most about this product is the fact that it provides the user with a glove fit, which allows you to get into the nooks and crannies of the horses legs easily without risking being too abrasive. This especially helps me when cleaning off poultice, which in turn gives me more time to drink my pre-show hot chocolate and memorize my courses. Another thing I love about this product is how easily it removes all of the dirt and hair (especially great for shedding season); now that I pay for clipping on my own, I want to use products that save me significantly more than they cost and this product does just that. Within the two years that I have been using this product my mare has only required one body clip, which not only saves me from having to pay for multiple clip jobs a year but it also saves me from the painfully long process of personally body clipping my overly sensitive mare. Now my mare could care less if she's shiny or looking like a woolly mammoth, what she cares about is the amazing massage this product gives her. The entire glove is lined with scrubbing nodules, which provides horses with a massage as it lifts away dirt and hair. This massage helps my mare warm up her muscles prior to work, allowing me to get the best performance out of her, and it helps relax her muscles after strenuous workouts, which means that her recovery time between workouts is significantly shortened. For all of these reasons, I highly recommend this product to everyone. It retails at $24.99, and can be purchased by clicking here.

Even in the middle of winter, Rumor looks this amazing with the help of HandsOn Gloves! Picture is from a December 2017 photoshoot!

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