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Express Yourself: Fall Finds Under $20

"Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak" - Rachel Zoe

Fashion is something that has caught my fascination over the recent years, especially in regards to the equestrian industry. There is honestly nothing I find myself more "at home" in than my breeches and boots, and I love to accessorize my outfit to best display my bold fun-loving personality. Let's face it, we are in an industry that requires a pretty penny and having a plethora of quarter zips and "equestrian" sweaters isn't always in the cards for everyone. I know that it isn't for me. So, how does one go about looking trendy while staying within their budget and feeling comfortable?

Believe it or not, you can find some SPECTACULAR items in your nontraditional equestrian stores; some of my favorites are Target, TJMaxx, H&M, and Forever 21! These stores all have items that can be extremely affordable and long lasting, which is important to me when deciding what to purchase. You just have to know what to look for!

My first piece of advice is to throw out the image in your head of what "equestrian fashion" consists of. Fashion is unique to you as an individual, and when you look good you feel good! My second tip is to find tops that tuck well and provide a wide range of motion. A little tip is to wear pants with a similar waistline to your breeches to ensure you get the best idea of the practicality of each item before you buy. My third piece of advice is to have fun doing it! Sometimes, there is nothing better than retail therapy; bring a few of your fellow equestrians and have fun challenges such as, who can create the most bold but practical outfit to ride in.

This week I want to point you towards my 4 must-have fall shirts for every equestrian! You can shop my looks below or get ideas for your next favorite fall outfit!

Polkadots provide that classic fall touch while simultaneously giving you a bold playful look

I am a sucker for a good button down and this shirt from H&M only costs $19.99!

it is exceptionally well fitted and is long enough to tuck with ease! I have hacked and jumped in this shirt without a problem and it has held up to barn activities well. What I love is that you can pair this top with a black, tan, or similar color blue breech and get that same classic fall look again and again.

To purchase this shirt click here!

Use a classic black and white stripe to spice up your wardrobe! The stripes do not take too much of the show, so don't be afraid to pair it with a vibrant vest or nontraditional colored breeches

I love a good striped shirt in the fall, which is why I'm about to show you two! I think they provide a really classic clean look while still allowing you to express your unique personality! If you're someone who has a lot of different colored breeches a black and white pattern is sure to match with all of them. With my closet consisting of 3 non-show breeches, one of those being a strictly spring/summer color, I really love a colored stripe. My favorite color is burgundy and it pairs so nice with a black, green, or dark blue breech which makes it a must for any fall riding outfit. But, you can't go wrong with any color choice! Both of these shirts are so comfortable, as they stretch well and handle typical barn activities with ease!

To purchase the black and white striped shirt for $12.99 click here!

The burgandy gives a desirable pop of fall color without overwhelming the outfit color scheme. Pro-Tip: find a similar colored burgundy belt to really tie the outfit together!

To purchase an almost identical turtleneck, or to shop various color options for $11.41 click here!

A bold flannel is a must for every fall wardrobe!

Flannel is what I first think of when I think of fall, and this one has all the fall colors! With beautiful dark blues and the rich burgundy accented with white it is sure to turn heads. When wearing an item that is this bold I suggest that you pick a more traditional black or tan breech to allow shirt to be the center of attention. I have hacked, bathed, and jumped in this shirt and it has stayed perfectly tucked, which is a big bonus for me! Plus, the material keeps you warmer on those chilly fall days!

To shop this flannel for $19.99 click here!

Happy Shopping!

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