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Deck The Hoofs: An Equestrian Gift Guide under $35

Happy Holidays! If you're like me and are behind on your holiday shopping (I definitely need to get on it) or are looking for that perfect item to top off a fellow equestrians present, this is for you! During this time of year expedited shipping will be your best friend to ensure you get everything you need in time. Better yet, a lot of companies like Amazon will offer discounted or free shipping when you order before Christmas. All of the items below are chosen with your wallet in mind, so you won't find yourself spending more than $35.

This first item is an absolute favorite of mine! We all know how much we love our horses, so there seriously is no better gift than a necklace that reminds us of them. I love this simple pendant necklace as it adds a very delicate and classic touch to a meaningful gift. Better yet it retails at only $8.99 and has wonderful reviews. I actually loved this so much that not only did I buy these for my friends, but myself as well! So, if you are looking for that must have item to complete a gift take my advice and click here to purchase an AOLO Initial Necklace, you won't regret it!

Quality boot socks are a must have for every equestrian. Unfortunately it seems that most socks wear through quickly or do not provide enough protection against the long days spent in boots, which can be a real bummer for any avid equestrian. This is until Dreamers and Schemers Socks hit the market! Take it from someone like me (I can be picky about what I am wearing), these socks are the best; thin enough to not add any unwanted bulk but thick enough to protect your feet and heels during those long barn days. If you are looking to buy gifts for more than one friend, be sure to get in on their most current deal, 4 socks for the price of 3! Click here to purchase a pair of Dreamer and Schemers Socks, retailing at only $17.95!

Some of the amazing designs Dreamer and Schemers Socks has!

This is for any of my fellow fashionistas out there, as you probably understand what an intricate role a belt can play in the cohesiveness of a great outfit. A great belt is a must have for every equestrian, so believe me when I say that Shop Hunt Club has some of the highest quality and most affordable belts on the market! Their plethora of bold colors and designs means that you can express yourself through many different looks while also matching every outfit. Every belt size stretches an additional 2"-3"; so, you don't have to know your friends exact pant size to be able to find the perfect belt for them!. I just recently bought their Tally Ho Derby Belt and it looks spectacular with all of my different colored breeches! Retailing at $34 this item is the most expensive on todays list but, they are holding a deal today: Buy 1, get one 50% off! So, if you're looking for a great gift click here to purchase a wonderful Shop Hunt Club belt!

Some of my favorite designs!

The final item on todays list makes for an exceptionally thoughtful gift for any of your Hunter/Jumper friends! Retailing at $8 you can get the most adorable custom Christmas ornament; add a show name, barn name, or even farm name and you have the best gift without breaking the bank! This was my go-to gift this year and has so far been a hit! Click here to purchase a custom ornament from Bling The Things!

Just some of the amazing ornaments offered by Bling The Things!

Happy Hacking!

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